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//Website –

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Information website with a registration and ticketing system for visitors and exhibitors

Muscat Jewellery website

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Muscat Jewellery
Muscat Jewellery
Corporate Branding

Muscat Jewellery
Ticket Booking Website

The 11th Muscat International Jewellery Show, renowned as one of the world’s international jewelry exhibition and aiding successfully as Muscat jewelry sector’s gateway to the world.

This exciting Jewellery Show draws exhibitors and buyers from all over the world.

This edition will feature stunning and mesmerizing new products, great prices, exciting artists, unique resources and innovative ideas beneficial for their businesses.

Muscat International and Jewellery Show brings approximately more than 15,000 visitors to the Muscat region annually.

Fueling the jewelry exports in Muscat, the show will feature a wide range of precious and authentic gemstones, spectacular pearls, attractive gold ornaments and fabulous diamonds reflecting to the whole world extraordinary dynamism and energy in the jewelry sector.

//How I Work

How i Work

My Design Process

The first order of business is to sit down with your team and create a detailed
set of design and technical specifications. These specifications serve as a
roadmap for the rest of the web design process

  • Date : 01.06.2020
  • Client : VEGA Inter Trade
  • Skills : Php , Javascript , HTML, CSS
  • Location : Dubai, UAE
  • Tools : Wordpress, Illustrator, Photoshop, Bracket
Client Review.

" Curabitur convallis fringilla diam sed aliquam. Sed tempor iaculis massa faucibus feugiat. In fermentum facilisis massa, a consequat purus viverra. "


To create an information website with a registration and ticketing system for visitors and exhibitors. and the same way can extract registrant for marketing purposes


Create ticket and the same time used as ID while on the exhibits

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